Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Summer Sailors

Last week was Kids Clothing Week so what better time to crack on with the shorts I kept promising my daughter. I searched the interwebs and what I found was that most kid patterns only go up to age 8. My daughter is aged 12 so this posed a problem. After much more searching I eventually found  the Summer Sailors from Brownie Goose

Cute, non? My girl liked them as soon as she saw them, so I downloaded and set to work.

I had most of the materials to hand, apart from the buttons which I had to pop up the road for. The pattern was very quick to put together, I think there were only 8 pages to stick together in total. The only problem I had was matching up the hem of the front and back. I don't know why but the front seemed a fraction shorter. I don't know if it was a slap-dash cutting issue, printing issue, who knows?? Anyhoo, I just chopped off the extra and it didn't seem to matter, he he! The rest of it went super smooth. I added a bit of ric rac to the waistband seam for another pop of white.

My daughter is thrilled with the end result and I have already started on a second pair, with plans to make some corduroy ones for A/W wear with tights.

Apparently navy is as hard to photograph in bright sun as black, oh well you get the idea I hope.

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