Monday, 8 July 2013

Scout Take Two

I finished this a couple of weeks ago, just in time for the start of the good weather. If my Miette is the perfect transitional skirt then this Scout is the perfect warm weather top.

Now you'd think having made a practice version of this top everything would go swimmingly. Well, for the most part it did. Where things went awry was at the neckline. I chose a cotton lawn I had in my stash for this Scout and it was obviously a lot more stretchy on the bias than the poly-cotton I used for my test version. This resulted in a neckline that does not lay perfectly flat. It's not so bad that I can't live with it but it will probably bug me every time I wear the damn thing.

I feel a bit 'early stages of pregnancy' in it, but again not enough to actually put me off wearing it. With all this glorious sunshine and heat we are enjoying I imagine it will be getting quite a lot of wear in the next few weeks.

Light on photos today. Combination of really bright sunshine and less-than-cooperative 12yo photographer!

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