Friday, 11 October 2013

Summer Concert Tee

This should have been a quick and simple make and would have been if I had not chosen the fabric from hell (FFH). This is a 100% viscose, very fine knit, chosen for its lovely drapey qualities. However, I hadn't bargained on how slippery it would be or how much my machine would want to chew it up!

The pattern itself was very easy to put together (I LOVE PDFs) and very easy to follow, so no quibbles there.

However, once I moved onto transferring pattern to FFH, then things started to take a turn for the worse.

 I could tell that what I really needed was:
a) a chalk tracing wheel (now purchased)
b) A rotary cutter (which I had but couldn't use as I don't have a mat large enough)
c) A walking foot (which I also have but I don't have a clue how to use it and mistakenly thought this fact would slow me down!)

To be honest I made this so long ago that I have forgotten most of the horrors. I do remember than on at least two occasions I sewed things with the wrong side facing out! This ended with me having to CUT it apart because it was impossible to unpick. I did manage to get the stripes to match up nicely though.

The neckline was rather shabby as by that point I was losing the will to live. I opted for a zigzig, but have no idea why now??

When I had finished it I wasn't that keen on the length. It is too short at the front for me to feel comfortable (i'm at risk of showing my belly) and due to the fabric, the mullet at the back kept getting all tucked up so I took a fair bit off, this makes it more wearable for me.
So all in all not a complete disaster, it is great as a yoga top! When I make it again I need to lengthen the front and stay away from fabric like this.

Pull your shoulders back woman, you're standing like a sack of spuds!

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